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React Native Applications Development

React Native is a framework from Facebook which is used to make native applications for Android and iOS. This framework facilitates the developers to create apps which look and function as native apps with easy to use JavaScript library. Moreover, since most of the codes can be used on multiple platforms, the developers can simultaneously create android as well as iOS app. React Native has the potential to be compatible with other app development platforms such as Windows in the near future. The platform successfully bridges the gap between focusing on a wide consumer base and generating profit.

React native app development in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

DNG App Developer Provides Highly Functional React Native Application Development Service

DNG App Developer is the leading application development company in Ahmedabad. We provide cost efficient solutions for react native app development to our clients. We are a react native app development company with high experience and expertise in the field. We provide apps which are aimed at boosting your business growth and increasing the productivity, while remaining cost efficient. App development solutions by DNG App Developer are highly customized and tailor made to suit the individual requirements of each business.

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Benefits Of React Native App Development For Businesses

Many of the big companies, new startups and scaling businesses have actively adapted React Native as their choice of framework for the mobile application of their business. Keeping into consideration the regular maintenance and upgradability of the app, the businesses can get various different options. This makes react native the ideal framework for using in businesses.


Fast Performance

Applications which are used with react native framework utilize GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in their processing environment. This allows for speedy results and high processing speed of the app. This enhances the overall user experience as the speed at which they use the app is increased, thus making it suitable for businesses.


Cross Platform Availability

React Native Applications provide simultaneous development of apps for android as well as for iOS. This is because the code which is used in the app development is almost the same. Therefore, the apps are available on both the major platforms. Moreover, react native framework has the potential to be available in other platforms as well.


User Interface Focused

React native framework lays emphasis on the User Interface (UI) of the application and make it highly functional as well as easy to use for the users of the app. This includes enhancing the overall performance of the app with less loading time and smoother functioning, thus make it suitable for businesses where customer experience is crucial.


Easy Transition

Businesses can make a transition to native code at any time from react native application without any problem in the development of the app. This is because the react native platform synchronizes well with the native platform. Moreover, because of this feature, it is hard to differentiate if the app is developed in react native code or native one.

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